Linepharma is a pharmaceutical company committed to improving sexual and reproductive health through expanding access to safe medication abortion.

Founded in 2010, Linepharma has brought medication abortion products to market in over 25 countries across the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. With offices in London, Tokyo, New York, and Toronto, Linepharma is an international leader in the provision of safe non-surgical abortion products.

Of the approximately 73 million induced abortions that took place each year between 2015 and 2019, an estimated 24 million were unsafe.  Linepharma strives to help resolve this through bringing stringent regulatory health authority approved products to market.


Linepharma is dedicated to improving women’s health and safe reproductive care.

Following the most current scientific data and the World Health Organization’s recommendations,  Linepharma supplies products for medication abortion.

Manufactured in Europe and approved by some of the world’s most stringent health authorities,  Linepharma has developed high-quality medication abortion products with the aim of making safe abortion and reproductive healthcare accessible to every woman in the world.